эндуро турEvery day we will reach the concrete top of Carpathian Mountains. Generally, it will be the tops of Borzhavskiy mountain range and Polonina Runa, for example the tops: Stoy (1681 m), Velikiy Verh (1598 m), Polonina Runa (1479 m), Magura (1378 m), Temnatik (1343 m), Krasiva (1036 m), Borliev Dul (1017 m). Every of these tours will stay in our memory not only as transcarpathian off-road; it will be supported with concrete achieved results, which can be an object of pride.

We offer you a comfortable living in the city Mukachevo, wherefrom every day we will make the trip by the routes, coordinated with the group. The tracks are developed in order to choose several variants of the routes by complexity.

We practice mainly individual tours, and thanks to them the group is consisting of close and familiar people. In such groups every of participants clearly imagines the abilities of the other people. In the individual tour there is no need to adapt yourself to more strong or weak participants. The guide will conduct you on the routes, which are right exactly for you by level of training. In the groups, which are selected by the commercial principle “the more – the better” it is practically impossible to satisfy everybody. As a result, always somebody or at worst, most of people remain dissatisfied with the tour. The guide always has to direct his attention toward the weakest of the group participants. So if in the strong group will be one beginner – everybody has to drive only by the tracks, which are under his strength, thereby the others will be restrained.


Price: 350 euro/pax/with your own bike (breakfast and dinner)
Price: 580 euro/pax for all inclusive tour (bike, gas, breakfast and dinner)
Individual tour – 850 euro/pax for all inclusive tour (bike, gas, breakfast and dinner)

Why do you need to come to Transcarpathia? 10 reasons.

Don’t miss the possibility to:

1. Visit enduro tour in Ukraine.

2. Drive enduro in the mountains, in the off-road conditions.

3. Drive in the mountains, on the safely for human body altitudes till 2000 m (if above 2000 m – the body needs to acclimatize, especially during active driving in the mountains.)

4. Have a rest in extreme way and enjoy with untouched nature of Carpathian Mountains every day.

5. Match active rest with comfortable conditions of residence (every day we depart on a new track from our base in the city Mukachevo and we come back here for full rest.)

6. See the life and culture of inhabitants.

7. Walk in the medieval castles (there are 12 medieval castles in Transcarpathia).

8. Drink mineral water straight from the spring (by the world classification all the mineral waters reduced to 36 groups: in Transcarpathia there are 32 from them!).

9. Taste delicious kinds of vintage wines, grew in Transcarpathia, during visiting tasting rooms in the wine-cellars, which were gouged by prisoned Turks in the XVI century.

10. Get a lot of enjoy from the conquest of the mountain tops.

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Велотуры в Карпатах

горный велосипед и эндуро


Индивидуальный мототур

We offer you the opportunity to come to us on an individual Enduro Tour.

Individual approach, optimal selection of routes, easy paced drive, maximum attention to you by the instructor – all individual components of success of the tour.

Photo from individual Enduro tours:

14-18.10 2008

03-08.04 2009

08-12.04 2009

12-16.06 2009

01-07.07 2009

13-18.05 2010

18-23.06 2010

11-13.07 2010

04-08.08 2010

29-02.11 2010

16-20.04 2011

06-10.05 2011

08-12.07 2011

04-09.01 2012

13-17.01 2012

02-06.03 2012

15-19.06 2012

21-24.06 2012

17.06 2012

10-14.08 2012

23-29.08 2012

06-10.07 2013

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25.08 2013

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