At your desire, we can include in the program a fascinating journey throughout the medieval castles, which represent the proud and rich cultural heritage of Transcarpathia. There are 12 medieval castles in Transcarpathia. Such quantity of the castles on moderate territory is explained by important strategic location of the area, which is situated beyond the Carpathian passes and on the border with four European countries.


Transcarpathia – it is not Ukraine practically. A small region, cut off from main body of the country with Carpathian mountain range, became Ukrainian only 60 years ago. It is later than the rest of the regions. Transcarpathia is rightly considered to be one of the centers of the west and east European cultures crossing. Here preserved 1839 memorials of archaeology, history and art. It is fairy and beautiful region of green forests, gardens, vineyards, amazingly picturesque mountains and valleys, which are rich on mineral springs. Thanks to favourable climatic and nature’s conditions Transcarpathia always considered as a big reserve, created by nature for the rest and treatment. Here there is no place for industrial factories, and thanks to it Transcarpathia remained one of the cleanest regions of nature.






At the distance of one kilometer from our base there is Castle’s Mountain, on which nobly towers up the largest medieval castle of Transcarpathia – castle “Palanok” in Mukachevo (XIII-XVII century). Ancient castle is seen for ten kilometers from any side of the city. Covered with glory, mysteries and legends it served for control of the commercial and military ways, which were crossed here.



In immediate proximity from Mukachevo you can visit a former hunting residence – the palace of Earl Shenborn (1890 year). The astronomical magnitudes were considered during the building of this residence (12 entrances, 52 rooms and 365 windows) in compliance with months, weeks and days of the year. On the territory of the residence there is a dammed lake in the form of the map of the Austrian – Hungarian Empire of those days. The palace itself is situated in the marvelous region of Transcarpathia.